Eastside Christian Church Sermons
May 15th: ”The Beginning of the End.” John12:1-50
May 8th: ”Jesus is the Resurrection.” John 11:1-46
May1st: ”Jesus the Good Shepherd.” John 10:1-31
April 24th: ”Jesus Heals the Blind Man.” John 9:1-41.
April 17th (Resurrection Day): ”The Resurrection”. John 20:1-18.
April 10th (Palm Sunday): ”Palms and Figs: The King has Arrived!” Matthew 21:1-22
April 3rd: ”Jesus is the Truth”. John 8:31-59
March 27th: ”Jesus Light of the World”. John 8:1-30
March 20th: ”Faith During Persecution”. John 7:1-53
March 13th: ”Jesus the Bread of Life”. John 6:1-71
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